Monday, 3 January 2011

This is from about a month ago.

Starting to worry about getting all briefs completed on time. Been snowed in for 3 days now and Eilidh has been pretty much constantly needing attention/very poorly for weeks now. On the creative front, I wanted to do my next brief (D&AD) on two very different versions of Beethoven's 9th Symphony, 3rd movement. One conducted by Wilhelm Furtwengler, and one conducted by Toscanini. This, to my mind, fits the brief well...but I have been advised not to do this, as many people wouldn't see the difference between the two versions. Anyway, I will probably try to interpret two pieces sung by Enrico Caruso. One is a live recording (1907)of Vesti La Giubba Paglicci. As for trying to present album artwork in a new way, my idea is that approaching release date the artwork will be released in stages onto the label website. This will allow the artwork to play a more prominent role in marketing and also have a more active role in the product itself. After the release date of the music, the artwork can still be improved and developed, still being posted on line to download. This gives the artwork a more prominent role, as it doesn't have to be completed by a certain date. As the artist becomes more familiar with the music in question, their interpretation of it may change, or need fine tuned. I know that for me, I need sometimes several years to really fully understand a very good piece of music. So, this enables the art to grow with the artist's understanding of the piece. It also means that it is constantly evolving, and not set in stone. Might keep audience interest in the product alive for longer, which could be a good marketing technique. Basically though, I think it takes us back more to the idea of the cover art being a canvass again.

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